Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 4 Changing it up!

A Heart A Day

This is Day 4's project but I created my own prompt for it.
In "365" the prompt is to walk five minutes from where you live and make something from whatever material is found where there. Then you leave it for someone to find. I love the prompt but its not practical right now on the east coast. We are currently in a heat wave and the index is well over a hundred so walking anywhere is basically out of the question, let alone being outside long enough to create something artistic.
So I have taken this opportunity to create a background for a future piece of art.
I am currently taking an online class with Pam Carriker and have attempted to use some of those techniques to create the background. I have documented the process although I am not overly thrilled with the results. I usually rely heavily on collage elements, so having a background without the other elements added makes me uncomfortable but I'm putting it up here anyway. I have added the heart for the prompts "heart art" and hopefully there will be much more from this in the future when I create the rest of it in collage techniques.

To start I used an art board and began by adding a wash of yellow and then removing some of it with wipes and paper towels. It was all going well....
You make the wash with half water, half yellow acrylic paint or 1/4 glazing medium, 1/4 water and half acrylic paint. I applied with a cheapo sponge brush and wiped some off
Next, and this is where I started to become unhappy with things, I added diluted burnt umber to age the yellow background and worked it around with a paper towel to create depth. Next I added a speckled egg blue and an orange to the background with a paper towel to bring in some color. I again aged it but at this point it started to muddle up the bright pastels and became dirty looking. I was becoming increasingly unhappy with the colors!
I could have stopped here but I was unappy with it so I moved to adding spots of yellow and white (using white gesso) with a paint brush and splattering it on the background. The final result has some promise for something in the future but it will have to sit for a while until I decide I am ready again to work with it. If I go further with it right now it will just make me more and more unhappy until i finally give up and declare it as ruined! Great art sometimes comes much later than when we start out. Sometimes it has to sit and perculate for a while so when we come back to it we see it with new, fresh eyes. When this piece is finished I will post how I did it and I will refer back to this post so that readers can see the final results. The last picture of the upper right hand corner I think has potential as a background image for a website or blog. Another project for the future?!? Over all a GREAT learning experience and lots and lots of fun that opened up my creative thinking and started me thinking about future projects!

Here is what it sits as right now:

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  1. I love this! I'm enjoying reading all of your recent blog posts--I can't believe I've never been here before! Luckily, I found you through your visit to my blog! Your blog is lovely!