Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day Three...the money shirt!

What can you do with a dollar?

 Day Three:

Create something with paper but do not use scissors, glue or draw on it.
This one stumped me for the afternoon. I found myself thinking about it all day. Some thoughts that I pondered were making a paper mache with flour and water. That felt kind of like cheating to me since flour and water is a type of paste. I finally got online and surfed around for a while looking for cool things to do with paper.
I came across this womans site on oragami adn learned how to make a miniature shirt out of a dollar bill. The original idea I had was to use a fake 1 million dollar bill (so my shirt could look like a million bucks?!) but the bill was not creating the same effects as the 1 dollar bill. When I was finished I looked around for some things to embellish it with and found some pink confetti packing shreds, so I used them. Although it looks somewhat like a girlscout uniform lol.

I had a ton of fun with this! Normally I am a visual learner and need to learn from watching someone do it. However I was able to work throught he written instructions with only a couple of re-do's and I was very happy with the final results! So I'm almost half way throught he first week and its flying by.
What would you make if you had paper but couldn't use scissors, glue or draw on it?

Happy Creating!!!

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