Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Today's Creativity

We are in the dog days of summer here on the east coast. The past few days I have been struggling with balance. I have bitten off a lot, not more than I can chew, but a lot.
I came to the conclusion that I was not happy with following someone elses prompts for my art each day or bringing someone elses creative ideas into my day as a "must do" so I have stepped back, just slightly, to see where I can rearrange and tweak this to be more of a fit to who I am...or maybe to who I'm becoming.
This morning I had a burst of knowing that I needed to clean out my 6x8 office. Its very small and I am technically running three businesses from here. The challenge for me is to manage to find a creative way to tackle the task.
I started by focusing on what matters. All the business for real estate went into files or the closet. I can get to it but its not right in front of me burying me in a vision of what I DON'T want.
I cleaned off my magnet board and put only the things that matter to me on there. These surfaces are all the things I see on a daily basis so I want them to be only the things that are inspirational to me. The non-inspirational is neatly put away. Out of site, out of mind.
I have a list of artbundance principles that hang on my wall and I added a heart to the fairy that is on there....so she sprouted HEART. This adds to my heart art theme ;o) And it makes me happy. It almost looks like she is floating away on a balloon of love.
I'm realizing that if we don't love what we are doing its very very hard to maintain any kind of energy behind it to fuel it to keep going. It just accumulates and becomes heavier and heavier. Our life becomes an accumulation. Life is really to short to not fill it with things that we love.
The oddest experience of this whole clean out experiment is that I am suddenly exhausted. It was not hard work, by any means. Its as if I was carrying a million pounds with all of the build up in here and when I finished cleaning it up it felt as though I put the baggage down and realized WHEW...I'm tired!
I wonder why?! I've been shouldering far to much weight without even knowing it!
So, onward and upward. This little list of artbundance flying on love is my inspirational piece for today.

Fill your day with TONS of LOVE!!!!

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