Friday, September 23, 2011

Interest vs. Commitment

interest vs commitment

I read an article today on interest vs. commitment. I loved the concept and comparison. Immediately I could see how much scope this has for helping people to define and refine goals in life.

Sometimes people (mainly me!) become so frustrated because they have a new interest but its not manifesting quite the way they thought it would. Perhaps they are confusing it with something they think they are committed to but in actuality they really just have a current interest in it. Maybe it won't ever manifest into anything because what they thought was a long term thing was really just a wanting to know a little more about a subject.

This clarified SO much for me when I saw it. I realized I have a TON of interests! But in fact I don't have a lot of commitment toward the vast majority them, which keeps them forever in the interest category. For instance the article named how a lot of people have family as commitment. That spells a lot because when the going gets tough we will go through thick and thin with our family. It is a huge interest of ours that has crossed the thresh-hold into commitment.

When I started to play with this idea I realized that commitment is the ingredient that is missing in a lot of my interests. This now begs the question "which interest is important enough for me to make it into a commitment?". Thats a huge question in my life because once I say I am committed I take it as serious as a heart attack. I tend to give myself very little room for error or for changing a commitment back to an interest or just dropping it all together. A place for growth I am sure. When you know you won't let yourself off the hook you tend to become commitment phobic.

I have decided that from now on I'm going to separate things in my life into two categories, interests and interests that I will commit to. Manifestations and manifestations I will commit to. Aquaintances and aquaintances I want to commit friendship to, on and on this could go. What a revelation! We could solve 99% of all of our problems by asking "What am I committed to"

I'll be playing with this concept for quite some time.

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