Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vacation Time!

I'm going on an art cruise! The cruise leaves Oct 23rd and it will be one week of glorious art with my girlfriend Mikell.
I can't believe its finally here. We booked it months and months ago. It seemed like an eternity at the time and POOF, here we are!
There are a few things precruise for everyone to prepare.
So far I have created a mask for a costume party that they are having on board. The mask is not completely done but it is Angel themed.
They are also having an art session that is based on the movie Mama Mia so I have created my custume for that. I couldn't figure out who I could be given that I thought the costumes were limited so I decided to stretch it and go as Aphrodite. Then I have decided on adding angel wings and a halo for the actual costume party later in the week. My thought was the one costume will do double duty. I have to carry it all the way to Florida with me on an airplane so better to keep it simple!
One glorious week of sun, fun, shows, art, laughs and planning my future life living near a beach in a tropical area! What better way to plan than to have one week of complete absorbtion in the atmosphere I want to live in surrounded by the type of people I want to live near! Friends, like minded and artistic. Could there be anything better?
Pictures to come!!!

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