Saturday, November 19, 2011

Classes and Publications

Well I started my class last week. This is a sewing class that I'm hoping will give me the know how that I need to start to create the bohemian bags in a more structured way. Up until now I have been making them completely by eye, no pattern and put together in a rag bag kind of fashion. Example:

What I would like is to have something a bit more put together with a lining, pockets, etc. I would love for the bags to remain tapestry bags but have more lasting quality.
The class is fantastic and this particular teacher is stellar at what she does! She is also very artistic in her methods so nothing is carved in stone and she is full of new and creative ideas on how to change things up.
The trial bag is anything but bohemian because I had to choose a cotton fabric for ease in learning. I chose a fun large print floral fabric that is brown with bright colored flowers.

Monday night I should start to sew it together, hopefully.
I was just sent the link for the upcoming "Time" book that I have a very small part in. It will be ready for sale in April.
The next publication, Altered Pages, is due out after January. That is another art book and ironically in both art books its my words being published with no art!
I am scheduled to start classes for the Lead Generation Specialist with Weichert on Monday so things should start to pick up on the real estate end also. I'm actually considering starting a separate blog for the world of real estate. I think that people in general could use good advice from an artistic view on how to prepare their house for sale, some of the dilemmas that come up, etc.
What I would love most right now is to launch all of these interests into the world in a constructive manner including my art, sewing, writing and work in real estate. I wondered how to bring them together but now realize that there is no reason to. They can stay separate and unique, many parts of a whole.

I received this from the author of the second book after writing my blog post for the day. This is what he had to say about publication
I am happy to announce that The Pulse of Mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed is now available for pre-order on Amazon, The book is now at the printers with an official release date in March 2012. I am planning an extensive online promotion and will also be heading out on a brief book tour. Stay tuned for more information. And thank you all again for helping to make this dream a reality. Best, Seth

Please visit Seths page for an amazing journey into the world of mixed media. He can be found at:
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