Monday, December 17, 2012

Dandelions in December

I woke up and decided to take Jonathan to the park today, very early, to run him out of energy. In hind site this was probably a bad idea since it was FREEZING cold outside and the park I chose is right next to the Delaware River. Kind of like a lake affect only worse. Brrr.
After running and running and running and running (X's 1 million) he came to a stop at a perfectly yellow splash of color on the ground. Peculiar. It was a dandelion in December! He couldn’t resist. He bent down and plucked it up, placing it under his nose and breathing deep, he then offered it to me.” For you Mom-mom.”
At first I was both happy and sad~~ I’m pretty sure he picked the last dandelion on earth until spring. Then I realized that, although he is only 3, he fully appreciates the moments to stop and smell the flowers. He doesn't feel badly about taking what brings him joy and he never looks back. When the moment is gone he just moves on to the next perfect moment.
Lesson learned.

For all of us adults, instructions follow.

  1. Stop and notice~~ no matter how fast your running
  2. Claim the object of desire~~ it was a gift
  3. Immerse yourself in the moment, breath deeply and suck up every last loveliness.
  4. Give the flower to your Grandmom. They like that kinda stuff.
  5. Carry on with running.

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