Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Finished Journal

I have just finished my spirit of the year journal. As always I am hesitant to make the first pen stroke. Like taking a first step in anything in life there is no turning back. I have considered selling it also but that seems sacrilegious to me. Especially given its original intent. I am quite sure I'll keep it and get started on filling it with all of my focus for 2013.
I am on to another journal and will post pictures of the process, not only so I document it, but also so that people can make their own if they prefer. I am thinking of making them for different reasons now such as for brides using scraps from their gown (when alterations are done) or pieces of fabric from their moms and grand-moms. I am also considering making more wedding pieces out of peoples invitations. I'll let all of this unfold as I work on the Right Brain Business Plan and see where things are taking me. Please join me at www.facebook.com/thebohemiancouch to share your own journey and art.



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