Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Art Essence

I love when I pick something up, like old lace and cotton, and it slides off my skin like silky oil, connecting to my soul in the most curious way.
I love when I look at something old and I can see the old marry the new in my vision, becoming something all by itself with a will of its own. It is birthing, and I am the channel. I love when I see a mess of color everywhere, with ripped paper stuck to glue and bits of string, a desk buried in ephemera, and I know in my heart that something unusual is about to rise out of it. I love being breathless over an idea and I love to peal glue from my sticky hands after a full day of creating. I love the way the eyes of the Victorian women stare back at me begging for me to breathe new life into their still lifeless forms. I love art and I love all that it entails. It is the place where the real and the unreal meet, mingle and join and where every step taken is in faith of a final outcome. It is where created meets creator and where I meet God.....It is home.

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