Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Spirit of the Year

Today is the first day of 2013.
I have decided that 2013 will be the year of authentic living. As I have in the past, I am assigning this year a specific focus. However, I have also decided that this year is going to be a year of practicing more spirit in my daily life as it pertains to connecting it with living here, on earth.
I recently purchased a book called The Essene Book of Days 2013. It is very connected to Celtic traditions, which appeals to my sense of heritage. It honors the wheel of the year with all of the changing energies and creates a bridge between Spirit and Earth. I have been dwelling in spirituality for a long long time now and neglected the fact that I am here, on earth. I think this has created a bit of imbalance in energy and made me long to be done with reincarnation. (I honor others thoughts on this subject but I am a firm believer in reincarnation)
This has led to some recent questions such as: What if I'm here this time to honor where I stand at the moment? What if I am to learn to "just be", wherever that is, in each individual moment? What if all of life really is a simple matter of honoring each second and blessing it as holy?
This is what I am filling this year with! A year filled with being fully present.
Today I am going to work on crafting the journal that I will use to get down ideas for each celebration in regards to art, celebrating, meals, observations and any other random thoughts that pop up.
In the Essene Book of Days today's focus is "The Angel of Joy"
How can I bring more joy into this day?
Lovely focus!
Besides cooking the traditional pork and sauerkraut for my family, I will be spending the day in the art room joyfully creating!
The next celebration coming up is St. Brigid's Day (Candlemas or Imbolc among other names). This will be the direction that January takes as we head toward a JOYFUL spring!

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