Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ancestor Journals

Lyons Family Luella, Abraham & Hannah
One of the things that will be coming in 2013 is ancestor journals. I have recently obtained photos of ancestors that I didn't know about and they are just to beautiful to resist. Imagine keeping a soul journal where you focus on the spirit of the person or people who went before us. My great great grandmothers name was Luella. She was quite beautiful and I would like a book to honor her and her energy. I think it would be interesting to keep a journal where I log things that are happening in my life and consider what this beautiful Victorian woman might have done or felt under the same circumstances.
 Perhaps I can call a bit of her spirit and guidance into this life not only to honor her but also to draw from the strength of the women who went before me.
Luella Lyons


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