Sunday, November 5, 2017

Paris Themed Journal


A Sunday flyby to let you know whats been up at The Bohemian Couch...

This week I have created a Paris themed journal as a custom order.  It was ordered as a Christmas gift for someone who just got back from their travels there.

I decided to create it a bit old looking, like something you would pick up in a tiny, off the beaten track shop in Paris. Perhaps it was something that had been a past treasure and kept safely, unused. Or perhaps it was in an old Apothecary tucked in around the healing herbs and oils.

I uploaded a video so you can have a quick tour of how I created the cover and the back. It was SO fun to create! I can't imagine doing anything other than waking up and doing what I love every single day.

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So! On to the link...I hope you enjoy taking a peak at whats being created! XOXO

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